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GOODBYE, FOR NOW: Fans slap hands with senior Nate Harris, at the head of the line, after the Aggies beat SJSU to secure the No. 2 WAC seed. See story in Sports. / Photo by Robert McDaniel

Today's word on journalism

Monday, March 6, 2006

"Neutrality in journalism means refusal to take sides. Many newspapers are neutral with regard to certain issues. Hardly a newspaper exists which is completely neutral upon all issues. Such a newspaper would be regarded as spineless. Just as the individual cannot escape taking sides against evils in life, so the newspaper necessarily has convictions against crime, corruption, and other evils in public affairs."

--George Fox Mott, journalism professor, in "An Outline Survey of Journalism," 1940

USU students have opportunity to see the world
Utah: one of those places you either love or hate. People either want to live here the rest of their lives, or get out as soon as possible. Regardless of whether or not one loves Utah, people find it is nice to get out every once in a while. / By Jennifer Brady

'Poetry and a Beverage' relaxed and supportive
Dim lights, chill music, cool beverages and dozens of USU students filled the TSC Skyroom on Saturday evening. It was all part of the well-known event at Utah State called Poetry and a Beverage. / By Julie Garcia

Spring break gives students a chance to flee to more appealing climes
With the number of days until spring break almost in single digits, many Utah State University students are eager to escape the harsh Cache Valley winter during spring break in search of warmer climates and an adventure with friends. / By Paul Garrett

Future ballerinas have excellent training resources in Cache Valley
"Every single little girl should take at least one ballet class in her lifetime," says Becky Erickson, principal dancer for the Cache Valley Civic Ballet. / By Ashley Wach Chandler

Logan writer to be featured on NPR's 'All Things Considered'
Everyone has a story to tell and at 15 years old, Cecile Gilmer thought hers wasn't going to have a happy ending. / By Marie MacKay

Beat Generation performer captivates audience with 'language of poetry'
The bright lights and expressively dynamic poetry readings of Anne Waldman, one of the Beat Generation performers, drew audience members to the edge of their seats in Thursday nights Tanner Symposium performance. / By Megan Sonderegger

How many Scotsman dogs can a champ eat? Six . . . or five, depending on how you count
The beefy scent of Scotsman dogs wafted through the Taggart Student Center hallways Monday as the Quickstop held its first Scotsman dog eating contest. / By Julie Garcia

Partying the (sorta) New Orleans way at Aggie Mardi Gras / Photos by Brianna Mortensen

Yes, mother: Trudging through one of the last snows (we hope) of winter / Photos by Brianna Mortensen

Garden expert gives Richmond crowd green-thumb advice
Around 40 people crowded into the basement of the city library Thursday night to hear Mark Anderson, from Anderson's Seed and Garden in Logan, talk about the five main things plants need to thrive. / By Brooke Barker

Of frosty fields and snowbound bikes / Photos of icy beauty by Shannon Gibbs

Aggie Cat Service helping feral felines at USU
Feral cats are freezing, starving and reproducing quickly at USU, said Whitney Milligan, a co-founder in the Aggie Cat Service. / By Megan Sonderegger

The mystery of a bowl of red
What is the difference between a bowl of chili from Hamilton's and a 99-cent cup of chili from Wendy's? I couldn't tell you. / By Megan Sonderegger

Story time at Smithfield library gives kids a jump on literacy
Children ages 2 to 5 can listen to stories and work on a craft project at the Smithfield Library at story time. / By Di Lewis

Dating panel answers burning questions
Whether single, married, gay or straight, members of Utah State University's Dating 101 Panel proved Wednesday in the Taggart Student Center Ballroom, that there are more factors than physical intimacy that tie into the equation for a successful relationship. / By Marie MacKay

Singin' on the streets proves to be launch pad for Gershwin musical star
When she was 12, Jessica Harris' parents would send her to earn money by singing on the streets of Santa Monica, Calif. Now, she says, she wouldn't have grown up any other way. / By Joseph Sheppard

Join Picasso and the other geniuses for some free hysterics
What do Einstein, Picasso and Elvis Presley have in common? / By Camille Blake

Irving Wasserman's fascinatin' rhythm of life: the man behind the festival
World War I. One family flees the Russians across the Alps, over the Carpathian Mountains, through Czechoslovakia, and into Vienna, Austria, where Irving Wassermann, then a toddler, starts his lifelong education in music. / By Jen Pulham

Amazing chocolate art -- almost too beautiful to eat / Photos by Brianna Mortensen

Spelling bee stings all but one with devilish words of love
Benjamin Green stood on stage in the TSC Sunburst Lounge, Friday, with a straight-faced expression, his sweatshirt -- a mixture of green, blue, white and pink -- tucked into his jeans. He kept both hands in his pockets, exposing a calculator wristwatch. / By Aaron Falk

Smithfield couple's dream home includes indoor treehouse with elevator
The journey up the driveway is deceptive; the house does not appear that large from the road, but according to its owner, Smithfield resident Tom Worthen, that was one of the goals. / By Di Lewis

Fun at the Sinks: Students catch some air at top of Logan Canyon / Photos by Robert McDaniel

Mountain men alive and among us
In a room full of T-shirts and jeans, scout uniforms and big winter coats, one man stands out in a beaver felt hat, a red mountain man blanket vest, tanned leather pants and moccasins. / By Jen Pulham

Shoshone gather to remember the Bear River Massacre / Photos by Robert McDaniel

Tired of boring Valentine's gifts? Try some spice instead
Every Valentine's Day it's the same old, standard, boring gifts: candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. / By Julie Garcia

Courageous to show 'Brokeback' in Logan? Not really, says Westates official
With Brokeback Mountain earning eight Oscar nominations, the film has lassoed as much acclaim as it has controversy. / By Aaron Falk

Former River Heights mayor reflects on a life of active community service
Vic Jensen got his practice for being the mayor of 1,500-resident River Heights city by heading an 11-resident home, teaching and administrating in schools and refereeing for 38 years. / By Ben Walker

Metal Gods rock USU, '80s style; front man would welcome debate with LDS president
The '80s rock era was alive and well Friday night at the USU Fieldhouse. / By Shannon Gibbs

No need to whisper: 'American Hardcore' awakens Sundance with brutal honesty
The names Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins and Paul Hudson may not mean anything to most, but they meant everything to a subculture of youth in the early to mid-1980s. / By Jeremy Wilkins

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