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GOODBYE, FOR NOW: Fans slap hands with senior Nate Harris, at the head of the line, after the Aggies beat SJSU to secure the No. 2 WAC seed. See story in Sports. / Photo by Robert McDaniel

Today's word on journalism

Monday, March 6, 2006

"Neutrality in journalism means refusal to take sides. Many newspapers are neutral with regard to certain issues. Hardly a newspaper exists which is completely neutral upon all issues. Such a newspaper would be regarded as spineless. Just as the individual cannot escape taking sides against evils in life, so the newspaper necessarily has convictions against crime, corruption, and other evils in public affairs."

--George Fox Mott, journalism professor, in "An Outline Survey of Journalism," 1940

Making balloon animals is both business and pleasure for USU freshman
Balloon animals have not been just a favorite childhood pastime for USU student Joel ZaeJoDaeus, 18, they also have been a symbol for his hard work and practice. / By Krista Meeks

Trash and treasures: Pawnshop sees the strange and the stranger
In a store in downtown Logan one young man sits playing ACDC's Thunderstruck on a guitar that is not his and another man sits behind a counter full of jewelry, observing his only customer. / By Jen Pulham

L.D.'s has been dishing it up at the heart of Richmond for nearly 50 years, and still going strong
The worn, orange counters have seen many elbows and held many plates, and signs are beginning to show as brown spots are beginning to peak through the bright surface. L.D.'s Cafe has been around for more than 40 years to greet the locals with tasty food and good company. / By Brooke Barker


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