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GOODBYE, FOR NOW: Fans slap hands with senior Nate Harris, at the head of the line, after the Aggies beat SJSU to secure the No. 2 WAC seed. Click for story. / Photo by Robert McDaniel


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Today's word on journalism

Monday, March 6, 2006

"Neutrality in journalism means refusal to take sides. Many newspapers are neutral with regard to certain issues. Hardly a newspaper exists which is completely neutral upon all issues. Such a newspaper would be regarded as spineless. Just as the individual cannot escape taking sides against evils in life, so the newspaper necessarily has convictions against crime, corruption, and other evils in public affairs."

--George Fox Mott, journalism professor, in "An Outline Survey of Journalism," 1940

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Nibley council decides not to decide on fire department issue
North Logan says no to state options for highway corridor
Cornish drafts subdivision ordinance
Wellsville signs on to regional council idea

Making balloon animals is both business and pleasure for USU freshman

Arts & Life:
USU students have opportunities to see the world
'Poetry and a Beverage' relaxed and supportive
Spring break gives students a chance to flee to more appealing climes
Future ballerinas have excellent training resources in Cache Valley
Logan writer to be featured on NPR's 'All Things Considered'

Sports & recreation:
Ags escape pesky Spartans, head to WAC tourney as No. 2 seed
Dog sledders from across the West mush at Hardware Ranch

Indoor tanning industry notes benefits of 'smart tanning'

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ASUSU presidential candidates address USU students
in the TSC lounge. Voting concludes this week.
/ Photo by Brianna Mortensen

aggies win
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the aggie way

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