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Today's word on journalism

Monday, March 6, 2006

"Neutrality in journalism means refusal to take sides. Many newspapers are neutral with regard to certain issues. Hardly a newspaper exists which is completely neutral upon all issues. Such a newspaper would be regarded as spineless. Just as the individual cannot escape taking sides against evils in life, so the newspaper necessarily has convictions against crime, corruption, and other evils in public affairs."

--George Fox Mott, journalism professor, in "An Outline Survey of Journalism," 1940

North Logan says no to state options for highway corridor, backs its own rewrite of option 6B

By Diana Hurren

March 5, 2006 | NORTH LOGAN -- The North Logan-Smithfield corridor became a heated topic again at Thursday's City Council meeting.

At the last meeting, the council decided to make a small modification to plan 6B calling it plan 6B option 2. All council members were in favor of supporting this option because they thought it would have the least amount of negative impacts, but by last night that had changed.

"After thinking and studying this route, I will not support this option," said Councilman Mark Williams, who suggested the best option for the city would be option 5.

Option 5 suggests that the corridor run directly along 200 East, even through blocks of residential neighborhoods, whereas plan 6B suggests the corridor make a detour to avoid such neighborhoods. The council ruled out option 5 at the last meeting and all members but Williams maintained their decision to support plan 6B option 2.

The council agreed last night to notify the state that North Logan will not support any of the state-proposed options, but that it will only support its new draft of the original 6B option.

The council agreed to give plan 6B option 2 a new name and also rewrite it t make sure it will be perfectly clear to the state. The council will review the new name and the rewrite at the next meeting before voting for a final approval.

Developers of the Mahogany Ridge subdivision requested the city provide water for a drip irrigation system in order to landscape in common areas within the subdivision. The developers also made a request that the city pay for two of three pressure-reducing valves that need to be installed in the subdivision.

The council agreed the city should help pay for the installment of the new valves, but they did not like the idea of the city paying more money than the developers.

"A more reasonable request would be 50-50," said city recorder Jeff Jorgensen.

The council approved the request to pay for half the price of the valves, but because none of the developers from Mahogany Ridge were at the meeting the council decided to vote no on the drip system until it can consult with the developers in person.


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