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Today's word on journalism

Monday, March 6, 2006

"Neutrality in journalism means refusal to take sides. Many newspapers are neutral with regard to certain issues. Hardly a newspaper exists which is completely neutral upon all issues. Such a newspaper would be regarded as spineless. Just as the individual cannot escape taking sides against evils in life, so the newspaper necessarily has convictions against crime, corruption, and other evils in public affairs."

--George Fox Mott, journalism professor, in "An Outline Survey of Journalism," 1940

Indoor tanning industry notes benefits of 'smart tanning'
There are many misconceptions about tanning. Indoor tanning does have risks but doesn't everything else? / By Chana Taylor

Cartoons in the clash of civilizations
The firestorm that has been lit in the Islamic Diaspora over a series of caricatures portraying the prophet Muhammad with a bomb-like turban and a sputtering fuse is part of a chain reaction that eventually could envelop the entire Middle East in war. / By Les Roka

Pending legislation may strip journalists of essential GRAMA rights
As a journalist, the First Amendment is a sacred thing for me. In lots of ways it is the core of everything I do. Every time I write an article, voice an opinion, or find the courage to ask the tough questions the First Amendment is there to back me up and make sure my freedom is protected. / By Mikaylie Kartchner

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