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Rock and Punk Music


Black and White and Shades of Gray

Carnegie Professors

Cheer 'Em On!

LDS General Conference

Logan After Dark

Parade of Homes

Jill Prichard

Punk and Hardcore

Photographer :: Jeremy Wilkins

Music is one of the greatest forms of communication. It is a medium to convey love, hate, politics, religious convictions (or lack thereof) or anything of great significance or even insignificance.

Punk rock and hardcore music arose from an underground subculture in the '70s and '80s that wasn’t satisfied with society; it was music that had something to say and demanded attention.

Though they wanted to be heard, they wanted it on their own terms and shunned commercialism in music, creating a strong do-it-yourself ethic (DIY). Not easily accepted in their youth by the society whose ideals they opposed, punk and hardcore musicians fought popular social ideas of the time and set their own agenda.

These images are from bands that have been born out of these movements. The music itself has evolved into new sounds in many instances, but they still demand to be heard and continue to adhere to a DIY ethic.

-Jeremy Wilkins

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Billy Idol

Alex Varkatzas of Atreyu

Rob Aston of the Transplants Jason Cruz of Strung Out Matthew Hock of the Explosion
Tim Armstrong and the Transplants Thrice